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"I and Victor discussed all problems which will be,we will support each other,but football is what he knows and I do not know so I will be happy with support his decisions"-Yolanda about to go in England
Yolanda’s Interview for magazine “Love” (part 3)

What will happen if your children decide to be footballers?

" We will like it! we’ll support them.We have Kai,which hasn’t meet 2 years yet and he is crazy for football and kicking ball everytime"

What caused you to leave fashion?

"a lot things. My followed pregnancies. have to stoped and rest.I would like to try my luck in the United States.But now I’m in another phase of my life and want to have new projects"

Do you like design?are you going to be designer?

"Yes!I like design.I would like to make underwares or children’s clothes if I have free time I will be designer."

Have you got relation with wives of FC Barcelona players,Ex club of your boyfriend?

"Yes,from time to time,usually keep in touch"

Nowadays,Wives of footballers are icons of fashion.You consider yourself as It Girl?

"No. I’m too ordinary to be It Girl"

Yolanda’s Interview for magazine “Love” (part 2)

"I am trying to take care of myself as I can.I have no time for exercises but I take care at least.Daily activity,which is maden by my children,helps me to stay in shape.Live with a sportsman is advantage.Together we care about what we eat and sometimes my personal trainer gives me some advices which is perfectly customize to my daily routine"

What do you like in Victor?

"His attitude,he always supports me,he is very sweet by character, I like his sense of humor and his smile"

Have you done any compromises for your love?

"No. He always respected my decisions and supported me"

Have got any plans of wedding?

"We want a lot to be married,but he is very conservative and says that he searchs best time,which is very close."

How your life changed after you became mom of large family?

"It isn’t easy,but there is 3 angels which make me smile and joy of everymoment of the day. Their hugs and kisses are the best things in the world. Time’ll go, and I will remember this time as most beautiful time of my life"

You stoped at three?

"For now,we feel good as we are"

Gossip says about your possible living in U.K do you like it?

"Who knows…It’s time to changes and we will adapt well,whatever our new destination"

have you planed to go somwhere where Victor didn’t go with you?

"No,we hate life without each other.I have never planed.I already miss him a lot when I am gone for only 2 days or for a week"

Are you afraid of Victor lose his job?

"No,I was happy to see he was winning trophys and was happy with what he liked,what was his job. But now,when he has pause, I am doubly happy because he spends much more time with me"

Yolanda’s Interview for magazine “Love” (part 1)

Being mother of a large family has changed radically her life.Although girlfriend of Victor Valdes had to leave parked fashion and gives her full time to her family.

Her hard life as a model ended after she met Victor Valdes.Between athlete and her 7 years ago born a feeling,which brought success in most important thing, personal life, for both of them.Parents of 3 children Dylan,Kai and Vera are focusing on new offers of Goalkeeper and new modelin proyects of her.

new year,New projects?

"yes,if my familt want mami to start new projects"

Victor and you made one of the most beautiful couple. Are you jealous?

"No,I trust Victor and respect him.We don’t made reasons to get each other jealous"

Live with Victor for a long. What impression have?

"Very postivie.We had very hard times but it went so fast and we made a familt which we are both proud of.the truth is that I am very lucky."

How is your husband,outside of football?

"He is very "familiar", Funny,loves cooking, admires cinemas and is very romantic when it’s time for it"

Is it easy to be with famous footballer?

"for me yes.We always know very well what we want and what we feel. We are very discreet with our private life.and these thing don’t have impact on us"

what a woman

what a woman

Superheroe Kai

Superheroe Kai

5 page for angel in magazine LOVE (Redactors said that will be in web cause of fans askes)